Update – Sanctuary for the “Amazing Rainforest Experience” Animals – Petition.

Update 24 September 2015 – Petition to Take PM Productions’ Animals into Care

The so called show, “Amazing Rainforest Experience” is a Disgrace.

TigerWhy would anyone want to see a tortured ‘ambush’ of malnourished, skeletal tigers and a cougar with taut flesh on its bones (with barley the will to live), perform for their owner, Robert Mullen?

“’Skeleton’ Tigers Forced To Perform For Shocked Audience” – The Dodo

The ‘show’ is operated by PM Productions. They would welcome your ‘views’ and ‘comments;’ It’s what Cecil would want us to do I suspect……

“PM Productions Entertainment Inc is located in Central Florida.   Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions regarding our shows and/or exhibit, as well as availability and pricing for your event.”

PM Productions Entertainment

PO Box 547035

Orlando, Fl 32854

Phone: 407-701-0551

E-mail: mullencat@aol.com

Mr Robert Mullen,

The so called show, “Amazing Rainforest Experience” is a disgrace.

What you are doing is animal exploitation pure and simple – The least you can do is feed the animals in your ‘care’ a proper diet, before they become so desperate they attack their caring ‘handler’ in front of a live audience.

One doesn’t need to see the gruesome spectacle ‘live’ to see these animals are malnourished, mentally damaged and bewildered. Grow a conscience…… Donate these animals to a safe sanctuary where they might (just might) be able to regain their dignity and majesty.

BigCatRescueWantsYOUPerhaps ‘Big Cat Rescue’ in Tampa, Florida can help give sanctuary – Big Cat Rescue

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