Tindog Tacloban: Rise Up Tacloban By Claire Morley

Source: Tindog Tacloban: Rise Up Tacloban By Claire Morley

Tindog Tacloban

In November 2013, devastating tropical cyclone ‘Yolanda’ struck Tacloban city in the Philippines. “Tindog Tacloban” means “Stand Up Tacloban” in the Filipino language and became the ‘anthem’ following the disaster.

This book, Tindog Tacloban tells the story of my friend Claire Morley and her brave decision to fly into the Philippines, helping with the disaster recovery and encountering first-hand the human tragedy that unfolded. The book will be available (by download at first) on Amazon from 1st September, with 30% of all profits being dedicated to charity. It’s sure to be a gripping and moving read (pre-review blog source link attached). Well done Claire!

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