‘Drive Hunt’ Slaughter Happening in South Africa, 7 Sept 2015

Antelope running across the savannah in Botswana. Jump.

Stop the Limpopo Driven Hunt Petition now up.

Daily Mail – Outrage in South Africa – Article Today

In an e-mail from the NSPCA this morning, I was told “Our inspectors have obtained a warrant and will be on the property for the next 4 days……..only when an animal is left to suffer from being wounded during a hunt and the animal is not killed ASAP does this become a contravention of the Animals Protection Act.” So NSPCA are bravely gathering evidence and that will form a key part of future legal action.

Here are some pictures of the so-called ‘hunters’ taking part in today’s ‘Driven Hunt’ (courtesy of Ban Animal Trading’s (BAT) team, who are there in ‘harms way’ right now trying to get the full story out).

Limpopo Hunter_1 Limpopo Hunters_2 Limpopo Hunters_3

Bad News – Ban Animal Trading sadly reports today:


A devastating update sent with gun shot ringing in our ears.

Sorry Team BAT have to report the MASSACRE is underway.

The ‘Drivers’ are driving these terrified Wild Animals out of the bush and down a specially cleared 2 km stretch of land where 600 platforms have been erected for these lazy BLOOD THIRSTY hunters to sit and shoot.

We have megaphones and are shouting, we have siren’s on loudspeakers and nothing will stop these MURDERERS who have no heart, no compassion and are made up of pure evil.

Words fail us right now and we have no idea how this can be allowed in our beautiful country.

We urge everyone to share our posts to every media channel they can think of, radio, TV everyone who can help us highlight this MASSACRE of our Wildlife.

This is one very sad day in Africa.

Our Prayers are for our innocent Wild Animals who have always only ever made us as South Africans proud.

Kind Regards from a devastated Team BAT.”

BAT_Animal Abuse

Latest Update: Should Driven Hunt be outlawed poll? 88% Yes! Carte Blanche, SA TV station,7pm tonight,

International Wildlife Bond’s e-mail response is given in full at IWB Website Post.

The NSPCA facebook page reports that on 7 Sept, a ‘Drive’ or ‘Driven’ Hunt will herd wild animals, such as antelope, baboon and warthog into a 2km stretch of land on three game farms in Limpopo, just outside of Alldays.

Alldays is a small town in the Limpopo province of South Africa, that serves a large area of private game and hunting farms.

Foreign ‘hunters’ will mass for a week’s ‘entertainment’ where they will be able to stand on platforms and fire a hail of bullets at the ‘Driven’ herds.

A ‘Drive Hunt’ is clearly unethical, inhumane and potentially illegal because it risks:

  1. A random animal victim – young, old, pregnant etc. will all be herded and slaughtered in a hail of bullets;
  2. No clean kill is guaranteed – there will be multiple animal victims half dead, living out their last hours on earth in bewilderment and agony thanks to this ‘Drive Hunt;’
  3. All animals are ‘sentient beings’ having emotions, feelings and are conscious of their own plight and the plight of those around them;
  4. Any animal victim killed/injured by such wanton action in a ‘Drive Hunt’ is clearly a contravention of any Animal Protection Act. Such action could be redressed by legal action against Limpopo Department of Environmental Affairs, plus those that it permits to participate in a ‘Drive Hunt.’

The NSPCA has urged those that ‘care’ to contact the Limpopo Department of Environmental Affairs (e-mail MakhubeleSH@ledet.gov.za or LEDET facebook page). Please make a polite (and polite, means polite please, or it could have the opposite effect) plea to abandon the ‘Drive Hunt’ on ethical grounds.

There are plenty of arguments to make against this ‘Drive Hunt,’ particularly in the light of the ‘sensitivity’ (outrage!) of Cecil’s murder, with the potential negative impact on South Africa’s reputation as an ‘ethical’ tourist destination if this Limpopo ‘Drive Hunt’ is permitted to proceed on South African soil.

There is no evidence (yet, but might be used as an excuse) that this ‘Drive Hunt’ is part of a cull to manage herd numbers, but even if it was, a cull should of course be done in a professional, methodical and scientific manner (not a ‘Drive Hunt’s’ mass murder).


Note 1 – Surely under section 2(1)(a) and (r) the Limpopo Department of Environmental Affairs is in breach of the ANIMALS PROTECTION ACT 71 OF 1962 with its ‘Driven Hunt’ –
“[a71y 1962s2]2
Offences in respect of animals
(1) Any person who:
(a)overloads, overdrives, overrides, ill-treats, neglects, infuriates tortures or maims or cruelly beats, kicks, goads terrifies any animal;
(r)by wantonly or unreasonably or negligently doing or omitting to do any act or causing or procuring the commission or omission of any act, causes any unnecessary suffering to any animal;”

Note 2 – The National Council of SPCAs NSPCA (NSPCA Website) was founded in 1955 as the Federation of SPCAs to provide a forum to bring uniformity to welfare legislation and standards. The SPCAs in South Africa are governed by the SPCA Act 169 of 1993 which is administered by the NSPCA, constituting us as a statutory body. Inspectors are authorised in terms of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 and the Performing Animals Protection Act No. 24 of 1935 with the SPCA movement collectively undertaking over 90% of all animal welfare investigations and prosecutions in South Africa.

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