Stop the Limpopo Driven Hunt Petition

BAT_Animal Abuse

The Daily Telegraph – 14 September 2015

According to Carte Blanche TV, the final death toll from the Limpopo Driven hunt was 98 animals, but the species and suffering are still being assessed:

Carte Blanche Driven Hunt Video


Stop the Limpopo Driven Hunt Petition in case you have not already seen, signed and shared.


Update from BAT is that today’s (11 September) Driven Hunt did occur – We hope NSPCA inspectors were present to take evidence under their legal warrant. Then later in the day, it’s believed that a small helicopter air-lifted the ‘hunting party’ out of the farm area, possibly for connecting flights to be taken. The majority of the hunting party are believed to originate from The Netherlands and Belgium, with local press awaiting the ‘party’s’ home-coming. So, hopefully that’s the end of the week’s carnage, but not necessarily the retrospective actions that might be taken for the unnecessary animal suffering inflicted. We await an update from the NSPCA today and full analysis In due course.


Update 10 September – The NSPCA has been back in court, obtaining additional warrants to keep up inspections on all farms participating in the Limpopo Driven Hunt. The hunters’ advocate made ‘objections’ to the warrants issued, but this attempted riposte proved futile. Once the NSPCA was able to find the hunters’ location and enforce their right (under warrant) to have inspectors present, the hunt was abandoned for the day. I would suggest that the hunters/organisers fear that ‘evidence’ of animal abuse could be readily recorded and a legal redress for unnecessary animal suffering formed into an argument for formal, retrospective legal action against all those involved in the ‘Driven Hunt.’ At IWB, we fully support all the actions that the NSPCA has taken (along with Ban Animal Trading and Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation) and are grateful for their joint, brave and determined stance!


NSPCA Update, 9 September 2015 – “Half of our team was obstructed by the farm manager today. They were denied access to the farm, this is in breach of our warrant. Due to this we obtained SAPS (South African Police Service) assistance with enforcing the warrant at the farm. When we arrived back at the farm with the SAPS the beaters were sent home and the hunt cancelled for the day because the hunt organisers did not want us filming the hunt. The hunt will continue tomorrow and we will enforce the warrant and film the hunt.”


LEDET’s Statement – 8 September 2015 – Of course, LEDET have found the entire ‘Driven Hunt’ to be beyond reproach.

The “issuing of hunting permits” sound like LEDET’s clear admission of a vested interest in deriving income from what shall we call it, a ‘morally dubious source.’ There is nothing ‘necessary’ about a ‘Driven Hunt’ apart from the corrupting lure of income. As I said before, LEDET’s posture embarrasses Limpopo, South Africa and anyone that cares even remotely about ‘real’ animal welfare. If the excuse is that the ‘Driven Hunt’ provides meat to the local community, then of course this could (if necessary) alternatively be managed in a methodical, selective, humane and commercial manner that does not involve taking ‘bribes’ from amateur ‘hunting enthusiasts.’


Daily Mail – “Outrage in South Africa” – 8 September 2015

“Hiding their faces in shame at today’s Limpopo Driven Hunt?” – 8 Sept 2015

Pictures courtesy of Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation

Limpopo Hunters_5 Limpopo Hunters_6


In an e-mail from the NSPCA this morning (8 September 2015), I was told “Our inspectors have obtained a warrant and will be on the property for the next 4 days……..only when an animal is left to suffer from being wounded during a hunt and the animal is not killed ASAP does this become a contravention of the Animals Protection Act.” So NSPCA are bravely gathering evidence and that will form a key part of future legal action.

Thanks – International Wildlife Bond – IWB Website

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