Odysseus – Rescued from Certain Starvation.


Updated from Angels Among Us Pet rescue on Odysseus – (19 September 2015)

Hello, Angels!

As we wrap up a busy week and prepare for a weekend full of Atlanta-based adoption events, we wanted to share some great news with you about one of your favorite angel dogs, Odysseus.

After two weeks of watchful care and specialized treatment at one of the Southeast Region’s top ER veterinary hospitals, Odysseus was officially released from their care this week. This is great news! Doctors believe his health is improving drastically and his true fighting spirit is shining through. All who meet him, love him, including more than 800,000 people who have followed his story on Facebook.

Odysseus will now be seen weekly by one of our regular veterinarians who will continue to monitor his progress and weight gain. Initial concerns about “re-feeding syndrome” have been eliminated and Odysseus is slowly and healthily gaining weight. His careful diet continues, and he was recently introduced to special dry food. He loves his meals and is such a sweet boy about taking his medications.

Odysseus_3Ody’s foster mom, Nicole, said, “I’m still in shock about this situation. He surprises me daily by his strength and his will to live. It’s such an emotional roller coaster for our family to see his journey unfold. We tried to feed him a treat today and it was obvious that he had never had one. Yet he is so affectionate, and today, for the very first time, he wagged his tail! There were many happy tears shed during that moment,” said Nicole.

Sadly, Odysseus is one of many dogs who comes into our program as nobody’s dog…abused, neglected, even forgotten. But now that he is safely an angel dog, he will never, ever know suffering again. While his transformation will be slow, we expect him to make a full recovery. And, as is usually the case, this amazing guy holds no grudge…just gratitude and unconditional love to each of you who helped to save his life by donating to help us cover his medical bills.

We hope that you’ll continue to follow “Ody” on his journey to wellness. We will continue to update his progress every few days via our Facebook page, but for now, we wanted to share some happy news as you embark upon your weekend.

From all of us, to all of you, THANK YOU for saving this precious life. In the words of Karin Davison, “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

And so it is with Odysseus.

Updated from Angels Among Us Pet rescue on Odysseus – (9 September 2015)

Dear Fellow Angel,
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent donation to help us save Odysseus and thought you might like an update on his condition at this time.
After several days in a top veterinary hospital getting excellent care, we are delighted to report that doctors felt Odysseus was well enough to be released into his foster home. He is resting there comfortably at this time. 
As of now, test results for Odysseus have been reassuring. He’s heartworm negative, his liver and kidneys look good, but he’s mildly anemic, and his red blood cell count and protein is slightly low (doctors attribute that to prior starvation). He is now on a specialized diet and feeding plan. He’s being fed carefully every four hours to get him back on the right track.
Obviously, the coming days and weeks are still crucial; the biggest potential danger ahead is known as “Re-feeding Syndrome.” This happens when a dog’s body cannot process the food he eats properly. We’re hopeful that with a specialized diet plan this will not happen; if it does, we will make sure he gets the special care that he needs.
It also bears mentioning that Odysseus is a sweet boy who desperately craves love and attention. His foster mom, Nicole, will be home with him constantly during his recovery. She is an experienced and loving foster who felt a strong calling to help “Ody” through this horrendous experience. The moment she met Odysseus in the hospital, their love was mutual and obvious. They seem to be a perfect match for one another as he continues to defy the odds and fight his way back to good health.
Last, but not least, we’d like to thank our friends in the media who covered his story as well. Links to several stories are here, with the newest listed first:

Washington Post’s article about Odysseus’ recovery

Once again, thank you for helping to save Odysseus! No matter what your day brings you, we hope it ends with profound gratitude from Odysseus and all of the angels. Your halo shines brightly, and your support has helped to save a life.

To learn more about Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Inc., please log onto  www.angelsrescue.org

Your Friends at Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Odysseus was found on 6th September, abandoned outside of a Georgia (USA) church – severely malnourished (weighing just 28lbs (12.7 kg)), the two year old dog was close to starving to death.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue stepped in to save the “sweet natured” Odysseus and he’s now receiving vet’s attention in their loving care. So far, no trace on Odysseus’ ‘owner(s).’

To donate to help Odysseus and those like him in need:

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Thank you.

Note: Odysseus’ story originally from The Dodo

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