Cecil the Lion’s Hunter Guide (Theo Bronkhorst) Arrested (then released).

Cecil’s Pride now reporting that Theo Bronkhorst has been released after the recent smuggling charges were ‘dropped’ under further speculated corruption:

“The hunter of Cecil the Lion, Theo Bronkhorst, was released by Zim police as they dropped his smuggling charges he was accused of after his capture earlier this week.

Citing from the state media, the sable antelope smuggling charges had been withdrawn “for lack of evidence”. which is rather ridiculous as he was clearly caught smuggling 29 animals and trophies to poachers and canned farm operators. The charges against him for the possession of trophies still remains but it is uncertain where the court trial may go as Bronkhorst’s states that Bronkhorst  denies ownership of the trophies and defers the charge to his two co-conspirators who were caught with him.  The court has allowed him to bail out with $100.”


“Professional Hunter” Theo Bronkhorst arrested again on smuggling charges.

Daily Telegraph – 15 September 2015

Cecils Pride



(Four news sources confirming INCLUDING ZIM News Channel)

Zimbabwe cops just arrested the professional hunter Walter Palmer hired for his trip to kill Cecil the Lion.

Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter who carried out the planning and tracking of Cecil the Lion for Walter Palmer was arrested AGAIN earlier today after he was caught smuggling 29 sable antelope worth $348,000 into South Africa (possibly to Canned Hunting Camps).

Originally arrested in August, charged with a failure to prevent an illegal hunt and released on bail with a court date on September 18th. Bronkhorst’s recent illegal act is definitely going to affect his court case in a few days. When will hunters learn.

theo bronkhorst

Walter Palmer, the American dentist who paid Theo Bronkhorst, recently returned to his dental practice and is being swarmed by dozens of protesters outside of his office. He is currently escaping charges as the US has…

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