“No Seal Meats AND Furs Allowed” – EU Government Voted to Uphold Ban On Seal Products Despite Corporation’s Protest

Some positive EU animal welfare backing to uphold ban on the importation of seal meat and seal products.

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EU Parliament voted to uphold the ban on the importation of seal meat after Norwegian and Canadian sealing industry challenged the ban and called for a vote of reconsideration. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) welcomed the EU Parlimaent vote results with Sonja Van Tichelen, IFAW’s EU Regional Director, commenting “This is a fantastic decision. It ensures WTO compliance for the EU trade ban in commercial seal products, which has already helped to save more than two million seals from a cruel death by the commercial seal hunt, this revision makes technical legal changes while maintaining the focus on protecting animal welfare. This reflects the ethical concerns of millions of Europeans whose voices led to the EU trade ban.”

captain watson

The founder and captain of the Sea Shepherds has also made the following open announcement sharing about how he started Sea Shepherds with a mission to protect seals and now glad to…

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