BREAKING: No Charges For Lion Killer Walter Palmer- Zimbabwe Gov

BBC News reporting that Walter Palmer will not be prosecuted by Zimbabwean authorities because “he [Walter Palmer] had obtained the legal authority to hunt.”

This seems to overlook that the hunt itself was illegally pursued by all parties concerned (including Walter Palmer).

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Cecils Pride


A surprising announcement was made from the Zimbabwe government that the Zimbabwean Ministry of Environment will not be pressing any charges against US dentist Walter James Palmer for the murder of Cecil the Lion in July 2015.

Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri stated earlier today that the dentist had hunting paper and they were in order and thus they will not be pressing charges on Cecil the Lion. Extradition will not be possible and Palmer is free to return to Zimbabwe any time but his hunting privileges will no longer be available. (There is little knowing that he will obey this court order as he can easily continue to hunt under the table or hunt vicariously through the hunting guides.) The hunter he paid $55,000 to will however be charge for failing to prevent an illegal hunt.

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