Brent Stapelkamp – Cecil’s Ultimate Champion

Keep telling it like it is Brent/Cecil’s Angels…….

Cecils Pride

Shortly after the world learned of the heinous murder of Zimbabwe’s famous lion Cecil journalists and TV reporters alike zeroed in on one lone lion researcher stationed in the now world famous Hwange park in Zimbabwe: Brent Stapelkamp. This self described ‘lion obsessed, reclusive wildlife type’ was mercilessly thrust into the limelight and interviewed, filmed, questioned and quoted endlessly in the months that followed. Needless to say his life was forever changed and he readily admits that it ‘has been a bit chaotic and all the attention quite overwhelming’. Unfortunately for Brent this is not likely to end anytime soon as he’s constantly called upon to confirm or deny vile circulating rumors about Jericho also being slain or ‘Cecil’s females’ and cubs missing or worse. I’m here to confirm that he’s doing a stellar job on his Twitter page where he recently posted a new pic of the aforementioned…

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