Mabuya the Survivor

An article describing the unending pressure poachers inflict on wildlife and survival against the odds.

Fight for Rhinos

We wanted to share with you the story of resilience and survival this holiday season. Mubuya the rhino, has been beating the odds for most of her life, yet continues to persevere.

mabuya the blind rhino Mabuya. photo: International Rhino Foundation

In 2005 while moving rhinos from an area overrun with poachers to a safer area in the Bubye Valley, a female rhino named Mabuya was tranquilized and readied for her move. The capture team immediately noticed scars indicating that she had been caught in a neck snare. Later, while drilling into her horn to place a tracking device, the veterinarian noticed an AK-47 bullet was lodged deep within her horn.

She had already survived TWO poaching attempts!

Three years later, Mabuya was in the midst of another attempted poaching.  This time when the team arrived at the crime scene, they discovered that Mabuya’s new calf had been killed. She and her sub-adult calf had survived.

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