Hiker May Go to Jail For Freeing An Eagle From A Trap Close To A Hike Trail

“The laws side with the hunters, where as those protecting endangered species can get charged!”

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Kathleen Adair encountered an eagle stuck in two traps Dec. 24. (Photo courtesy Kathleen Adair)

Makes my blood boil to hear that more and more animal lovers are being punished simply for caring for animals. We hear about the Canadian woman who got jailed for helping ducks cross the street, now we have a hiker sued for freeing an eagle.

Kathleen Adair came across a bald eagle with its leg shut inside a trap when she was on a hike. Spending an hour freeing the majestic animal that represents American Freedom and springing a few traps she found along the way that may threaten other bald eagles from getting caught in, she was rewarded with potential jail time and $500 fine. A local hunter reported her to the state trooper.

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Apparently in Alaska, you can get charged for disturbing hunters and trappers under the hindrance of lawful trapping law. In the US it is illegal to trap or hunt bald eagles, sadly traps capture…

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One thought on “Hiker May Go to Jail For Freeing An Eagle From A Trap Close To A Hike Trail

  1. Giovannoni Claudine says:

    I would have done the same thing!
    And I do not care if they fine me, if they put me in jail…
    I would give my life for the freedom of all sentient creatures… and especially for those who can not protect themselves from human barbarity: THE ANIMALS.

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