Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill – United Kingdom

The Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill, sponsored by Henry Smith MP [draft bill published 23 November 2022] was debated before the United Kingdom House of Commons on 25 November 2022 [Parliament Live TV achieve (10:49 onwards)  link].

The bill will encompass the prohibition of import into Great Britain of the “body of an animal, or a readily
recognisable part or derivative of an animal
” from thousands of species/sub-species – as listed in Annex A or B [Link Annex A and B Species] of the Principal Wildlife Trade Regulation, subject to exceptions or addition at the behest of the Secretary of State.

The bill was overwhelmingly supported within the House of Commons chamber at Second Reading, 25 November 2022, with the exception of one lone voice, Sir Bill Wiggin MP (North Herefordshire) and since 2006, President of the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors (APSI) (but he only acknowledged this in Members’ Registered Interests 1 November 2018). Sir Bill Wiggin MP’s arguments in the bill’s debate included the absurd suggestion that any persons/country seeking to control its imports should be construed as racist apparently if such restrictions encompass the African continent – the remainder of his ‘points’ have already been countered and within IWB’s submission to the consultation etc. The desperate racist smear suggested by Sir Bill Wiggin MP on those that do not agree with his views is perhaps a new low for the pro-trophy hunting campaign.

We now look forward to the bill advancing to the next Committe Stage, with overwhelming voter support and 86% of those that submitted to the public consultation supporting such a ban, the Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill will hopefully receive swift passage through both houses and expedited enactment.

Further Reading

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The key findings from the research revealed…

  • 84% of international and 88% of UK tourists agreed that the South African government should prioritise wildlife-friendly tourism over trophy hunting.
  • 74% of international and 79% of UK tourists agreed that making trophy hunting a key pillar of policy will damage South Africa’s reputation, and 72% (UK 77%) would be put off from visiting the country altogether.
  • 7 in 10 South African citizens agree their country would be a more attractive tourist destination if they banned trophy hunting.
  • Three-quarters (74%) of South African citizens agree that trophy hunting is unacceptable when wildlife-friendly tourism alternatives have not been fully utilised.

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3 thoughts on “Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill – United Kingdom

  1. Helen Wrigley says:

    Have you watched Into the Wild’s film , Beyond the Trigger ? It is a film made in and about the conservancies in Namibia.
    Each conservancy is responsible for their wildlife. They look after and protect it from poachers whilst existing as subsistence farmers. They encourage tourism as another source of necessary income. The photographic tourism brings in a certain amount of money but the money that shooting with guns brings into each conservancy is far more and is invaluable for the survival of each conservancy . As the climate crisis effects Namibia and it’s populations of people and animals the conservancy approach is democratic and undeniably successful in the protection of the animal population and the human population in Namibia.
    If the UK prevents the import of ‘Trophies’ from Namibia, the conservation of animals and the survival of people could be in danger.
    We must look at all the African countries and their approaches before we remove yet another source of income without replacing it with a sustainable alternative.


    1. internationalwildlifebond1 says:

      This is the background to the trophy hunting propaganda film to which you refer – “”Beyond The Trigger” distorts the reality of trophy hunting in Namibia by focusing mainly on the benefits to communal area conservancies and failing to add important context……..While it may be technically true that Dalton’s [the film maker] podcast is independent, it’s blatantly dishonest and misleading to describe the film that way. The entomologist responsible for his trip, the Community Leaders Network Secretary guiding his trip, and the conservation foundation [Jamma International] funding his trip all had a specific agenda – fighting trophy hunting import bans.” – “A trophy hunting propaganda film from the UK lobby,” Jared Kukura, Wild Things Initiative, 25 October 2022


      1. internationalwildlifebond1 says:

        There is also the November 2021 study (Cruise et al.) of Namibia’s Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) model concludes:

        “In many areas, particularly in the dry CBNRM-dominated Kunene Region of the country, wildlife populations of many species are declining. Elephant, oryx, Hartmann’s mountain zebra and lion numbers are the large mammals most negatively affected, largely as a result of drought, trophy hunting, own-use hunting, conservation mismanagement and human-wildlife conflict incidents. This region also faces the spectre of the capture, auction and possible export of live elephants which, when the auction goes ahead, will likely threaten the entire existence of this isolated and uniquely desert-adapted elephant population that is already in sharp decline. 

        In other areas across the northern region, elephant populations and movements have likewise been adversely affected due to trophy hunting, own-use hunting, poaching and trade. In two additional commercial cattle farming areas, elephants have been earmarked for live captures, auction and possible export…..

        Thus, far from being a success-story, Namibia’s much-touted wildlife conservation model, and its adherence to sustainable utilisation of wildlife through community-based management has, in fact, achieved the opposite of what is commonly presented. Overall wildlife numbers are declining, and elephant populations in the Kunene Region are collapsing, while rural communities within the CBNRMs are as impoverished as ever, in many cases, more so” – Conclusions, p51, “Investigation – Efficacy of Namibia’s Wildlife Conservation Model at it Relates to African Elephants,” Cruise, A; Sasada, I, Journal of African Elephants, November 2021


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