This is a blogging page for a new animal welfare initiative called International Wildlife Bond (IWB)

IWB is a UK Registered Charity, No. 1164833, 14 December 2015

IWB Website

Thank you for your visit and please keep in touch with our developments.

One thought on “About International Wildlife Bond

  1. J. Seamus says:

    I just reviewed SkyVet’s story on 1st elephant snaring/injuring of the new year. I’d like to make contact with them/any & all others now assisting in saving wildlife. What I have is a NON-Pharma/Chem totally natural germicide; that’s both Lab & Field tested as far, far more effective than commercial products. In fact, it’s the preferred germicide of US Burn & Micro-surgery units (even while their AMA Pharma stooges still demean it as simply “another homeopathic product”!). 1 major advantage it has, for animal use: Animals will naturally “lick” their wounds; & pharma antibiotics can sicken/even kill them when ingested. Our alternative is not only not harmful, but helpful to their health; as when ingested into their systems, it will also kill all other internal pathogens they may have. But externally applied, it not only most effectively prevents infections, but hastens the healing process. Many military forces around the world assign vials of it to their troops, for use both in immediate treatment/infection prevention, but also to purify water, instruments, raw food, etc. 1-drop in 2/ltrs of water – however badly infected – will yield totally pathogen free water in no more than 30/min’s; a drop of Aluminum Sulfate will clarify even “cloudiest” water in about same time.
    Contact J. Seamus Boylson, ATAC-I/PureWater Assoc’s., %; or, via the LinkedIn Network. Also via Skype, % j.seamus.boylson [PS: I have over a half-century of CED/Health services, to both Africa & Asia!]


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