“Dying to be Free” – A Rally Cry for Today!

Although first published in 1998, Gareth Patterson‘s “Dying to be Free” remains a poignant insight into the ‘canned’ Industry and the ‘mentality’ of those that perpetuate that industry to serve their own means (behind a veil of deceit).

Dying to be Free” endures as a rally cry for the on-going campaign against the ‘Canned’ and Trophy Hunting Industry.

The pro-hunting lobby’s self-deluded rhetoric and absurdity has certainly not altered in the intervening years since “Dying to be Free” was first published in 1998.

Dying to be Free” remains a recommended ‘must read’ for those seeking further insight into the “Bred for the Bullet” ‘Canned’ Industry that still ‘festers’ amongst us.

Gareth Patterson is well known for his work on the African lion and is a welcome champion of the cause we share today at International Wildlife Bond – That all lions (and indeed wildlife in general) should be free in safe, protected environments away from man’s unnecessary interference and threat.

Gareth’s work and exposing the ‘industry’ continues; for example, his September 2015 article discussing the pro-hunting lobbyists, Safari Club International’s (SCI’s) deceit.

The SCI ‘Lodge’ in Florida, Festooned with Trophies


Gareth’s latest book, “My Lion’s Heart” is launched this month:

My Lion's Heart

Gareth’s words still have an enduring resonance as the plight of the African lion’s wild population faces bombardment from habitat loss, poaching, Trophy and ‘Canned’ Hunting:

“My love is Africa, my passion the lion. I fear for Africa … and I fear that the lion will disappear in the overwhelming changes that are engulfing the continent.”- Gareth Patterson

In spite of the on-going struggle against the ‘bred for the bullet’ ‘canned’ industry, we must remain resolute, we will not yield until ‘we’ see all ‘canned’ lions and big cats freed:

“Patterson soldiers on, triumphing over adversities that would have broken lesser men…like Adamson before him, he cannot bear to think of a lion that is not free.” – The Times

 George Adamson

George Alexander Graham Adamson – Baba ya Simba (“Father of Lions” in Swahili)

On 20 August 1989, George Adamson was murdered in Kenya, by Somali bandits. George, then 83 years old, went to the aid of his assistant and a young European tourist in the Kora National Park, but the bandits brought about George’s untimely death. George is buried in the Kora National Park near his brother Terrance, Super Cub (Terrance’s favourite lion) and his beloved lion friend Boy.

“Both (Adamson and Patterson) respected the lion’s character, and its place in nature’s hierarchy. Both wished to share their lives with this great predator. Both have had their wishes fulfilled…their extraordinary rapport with lions established a spiritual bond that continues to this day.” – Virginia McKenna, award-winning actress and co-founder of The Born Free Foundation.

The legacy is ours to uphold, continuing to expose the ‘Canned’ and Trophy Hunting Industry, fighting back to enhance the protection of vulnerable species, sending the message loud and clear, that ‘Canned’ and Trophy Hunting do not equal conservation, those held ‘captive’ are ‘dying to be free.’

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