Why is a Black Bear Massacre Happening in Florida, USA Right Now?

Florida Bear Numbers

2016 Petition – “An immediate moratorium on the hunting of Florida’s black bears

Update: 10 February 2016 – Hiding the Hunters” – Why the names on any further bear hunting permits issued in Florida will be hidden from public scrutiny – Too ashamed to be named?

Stop the Bear Hunt in Florida Petition

There is black bear cull currently underway in Florida; some 200 bears (Florida, Sun Sentinel Newspaper) have so far been ‘taken’ (“harvested“) in the first ‘legal’ hunt in 21 years.

Why is the hunting happening now, just when the black bear population was recovering from losses due to hunting and habitat loss? What have the Florida black bears done to deserve this treatment, at this time at the behest of mankind?

The hunt is being sanctioned under some dubious notion of ‘scientific research’ to help authorities ‘manage’ the black bear population (ie. it’s all being disguised as ‘conservation’ nobly funded by the hunter).

But, it’s an ‘open’ multi-day hunt, with some 3,000 hunters versus the black bears. Black bears are naturally shy and unobtrusive, but have not been confronted by a ‘legal,’ noble hunter’s onslaught for 21 years. The death toll in the hunt is uncontrolled to a very large extent, the orphaned cubs left to starve unknown and unplanned for. Where is the science, management and ‘conservation’ in that? Why have the vast majority protesting the hunt been ignored?

There are reports of lactating mother bears being ‘taken’ by the hunters as they exploit their ‘legal’ right to kill/’take’ (“harvest“) –  this conjures up images of Gareth Patterson’s “Milk in the Blood” account of a mother lion being killed in front of her cubs by a ‘noble hunter’ in Gareth’s exposure of the canned hunting industry, “Dying to be Free (1998).”

When will the ‘noble hunter’ (and those so-called ‘authorities’ that facilitate the hunter’s blood lust) actually show some signs of nobility, proving the stated concern for ‘conservation’ is not the self-deluded money making scheme so plainly evident for anyone else to see?


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13 thoughts on “Why is a Black Bear Massacre Happening in Florida, USA Right Now?

  1. Sunshinebright says:

    Disgusting. A terrible tragedy – not only for the bears, but for the cubs that will suffer a starvation death. What is wrong with our legislators? What is wrong with these bear-hungry people? There is so much wrong going on here.

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  2. Gator Woman says:

    Thank you so much for sharing their story. We are sure that they will try to do another Trophy Hunt here in Florida again in the Fall. We will fight back even harder this time because now so many more know what is going down here and in NJ as well. Two vile Governors who care nothing for wildlife, especially our beautiful Black Bears.

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    1. internationalwildlifebond1 says:

      Gator Woman – You are welcome.

      If you hear any more local news on proposed bear hunting in Florida (and NJ, I did see this as well), then please share with me/us at IWB. There appears to be no science to back any bear hunts in the manner in which they are being conducted – it is far too open to abuse and can only be described as ‘killing for fun’ (which seems prevalent across swathes of the USA and Canada, plus of course US hunters have historically dominated the abhorrent trophy hunting market on the African continent).

      None of it can be called conservation, or a necessity – the ‘economic’ arguments are just that, the $ are theoretically possible without the wanton killing. To my mind, the vast majority of hunting is a morally questionable past-time based on $ (corruption), perpetuated by the low ethics of those that facilitate and participate, just as in Florida’s black bear slaughter…..Hopefully, those that care can all work to change the ‘acceptability’ of such hunting practices on a wider public level, by sharing the news and the arguments against it. In the meantime, please take care and please keep in touch!

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      1. Gator Woman says:

        We here in Fl. and those in NJ are fighting this issue, basically alone. Both Governors could care less about our beautiful Black Bears. They both have one goal in mind, to move up their electoral ladders and eventually into the WH.


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